Sunday, August 21, 2005

Am I a bookworm ?

Are you a qulified bookworrm? Good question huh well here are some of the symptomes you can look for:

Do you smell something diffeernt than just paper the first time you hold a newly bought book in your hands?

Do you love you books so much that even when your dying to jump into it and read it you have to wait a moment longer and admire it before you place the smalest crease on the spine.

Do you love your books so much that when a movie comes out about it you have to go watch it just to say "i read the book and it was a thousend times better"?

Do you notice even the slightest inperfectins when you are buying a book (a folded cornner half way threw the book, a small fingure print, or even a fading in the pages) things that no one else would care about much less be able to point out.

Do you get so into a book that often when someone comes around they could swear you were crying and you just look at them and point out that clearyly you were just having some alergies rathere than crying.

Do you feel the sense of satisfaction that you felt the first time you finished a book everytime you finish a book.

Well my friends i have to say that if you feel ort do any of the above things you my have become another victim of bookwormidous. Don't wory doctors evrywhere say that though there is no certain cure for such an ilness it can be controled threw heavy medication of Steven king, John Grishiam, Dan brown, J.K. Rowling and other sedditives, offered at your local corrner bookstore.


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