Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Half Blood Prince

While I often found my self doubting that a book written at an 8th grade level could so much as make me feel the slightest emotional charge literature has once again proving me wrong. In J.K. Rowlings sixth year at Hogwarts I was able to see why the series had gained so much attention. The idea that there could exsisit a hidden demesion has attracted attention from many readers for as long as there has been books. Rowling simply takes those principles and multiplys them to the level in which one finds themselves questioning the truth and trying to distingush bettween fact and fiction. In my eyes the Harry potter sireis has hit me much likke that of Dan Browns Angels & Demons where i spent countless nights reaserching about the vatican ciity, catholic tradiitions, advanced weponry and many other thngs that came to life in Browns book. I now find myself caught in history books aout the art of Peganisim and wichcraft. Although some might still be sceptics to the fact that such things can hold any truths, the mere belife that it could be even remotley true is motivation enought for me. I highly recomend this book to people of all ages, andas for me i expect i will go back and retrace the previous things that took place in the place known as Hogwarts.


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