Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Rude Awakening
By: Mario Cesar Moreno Jr.

Conformity and oppression are what I have now.
Pleasing others leaves me with no sense of expression.
Life is the institution that I have grown a slave to.
The struggles that I have defeated and trails that I have overcome now I see were nothing but another example of the word vain in my life. All those applause of support and cries for accomplishment where but a repeat of Caesar’s great fall waiting to happen. This rude awakening is truly a coming into the real world experience. Friends and family which were words that I often threw around as if they were nothing, now I hold in reserve for the select few , the few which I am still in search for. The notion of liberty and justice for all is nothing but statement to laugh at and an example of socialization at its best. Love is but another childhood fantasy that much like Santa clause and the Easter bunny is now revealed as a false truth. Life is the prison that I make my bed in and in the end this sucks. And while the restraints that are placed upon me by these earthly forces are weak, breaking them is not that simple. For in a world based on pure popularity and people approval freedom is but a dream once more. All those who feel the sincere need to express themselves soon find that they are the new Saleme witches being perused by the rules of conformity of the twenty first century. Pitch forks of limitations and constitutional amendments poking at there sides, all the while there pressures fall perfectly well within the realm of the so called law. Artist of all kinds must now find seclude dwellings and modernized underground railroads to be able to show there true colors. While the world claims to welcome change and individuality most people seem to have forgotten that long ago somewhere in time they established an alias and have some how made that front there true self. And in that sense we have all indeed mastered theater arts, the world is a stage and we must all play a part is not just a quote now but a true representation of the parts ,the fronts, and the lies that drive our lives each and everyday..... to be countinued


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